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I love your music, it's so original and well-done! You never disappoint with each track you release. Keep up the good work! (nice name, btw)

Hey who cares if you don't complete it by the deadline, just finish it so we can enjoy more of this ear candy! :D

I agree with Bradley, this is a good startup for something really good. I'm already liking it so far. Just build it up and let it flow. Looking forward to the finished version!

So here it is my first time listening to this track, and halfway through, I fell in love with it. It's so easy to just chill to and ponder about random stuff with. It's great how lengthy the song is so that you can thoroughly enjoy a good dose of the vibes coming from it. Oh hey look, just a quarter in and it somehow found its way into my downloads. Neat track.

MaxPoly responds:

Thanks man, appreciate it!

Instantly favorited and DLed.

Ahh back in the day, I remember hearing this BGM while playing as Laguna and raping giant caterpillars... Fantastic remix. I can now die happy. ;)

Lol, Trippy.

I feel like I'm on drugs when I listen to this haha. xD I really like the bizarre laugh in the first 20 seconds of the song, makes me think of a distorted jack-o-lantern laughin at me. O_o THis song gives off a sinister feeling, perfect as a Halloween song. Well done. :D

axeFX responds:

Thanks man, it was a fun tune to make :D

Quite impressive.

I really like the Chinese flute melody echoing throughout the song.....or at least it sounds like a Chinese flute lol. I really like this. Fantastic job.

Xayro responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's an instrument similar to bagpipes. It's a Launeddas, a European wind instrument.

Nice beat

So what if it sounds the same most of the way through? People complain about it being that way, when really, I'd like the song to be much longer with the same beat going lol. Good job


This is damn epic. =D Props. I love this.

Awesome =]

This should be in Castle Crashers 2! If there ever will be a second one.....lol
I love this new beat! Keep it up!

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