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LOL. That bird screaming before getting stepped on. Cracks me up the most with this animation. I love the way some of the characters flail about in their natural movements, like with the yellow guy at the end grabbing the slice of pizza and about to eat it. The animating itself is so smooth. I can see a lot of effort was put into this. Very good use of the Maya 3D software.

Aha, I knew I recognized that voice as Lyle.

Nice animating. Creative and smooth, especially for the detailed facial expressions. Classic banana peel comedy.

75% of this is gay/dick jokes... While some animations were original, others just seemed completely random. I only laughed a few times throughout the whole collab. Most of the animation/visual aspect of the collab was really good, though.

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Nice visual novel.

It may not be Fate/Stay Night lol, nor is it in Japanese voice....But I still like it! ^^ Nice and short. AND pixelated lol. The many outcomes make it unique.

Pretty fun

I love the sounds and british accent. :P
I want NG medals for this game!

Pretty good

Though the "Try Again" button doesn't work :/

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I love your music, it's so original and well-done! You never disappoint with each track you release. Keep up the good work! (nice name, btw)

Hey who cares if you don't complete it by the deadline, just finish it so we can enjoy more of this ear candy! :D

I agree with Bradley, this is a good startup for something really good. I'm already liking it so far. Just build it up and let it flow. Looking forward to the finished version!

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I like it!

Looks like that Picus news lady from the new Deus Ex. Hawt!

So win!

This is awesome. =] Castle Crashers is the shit.

Very nice.

It looks really smooth and simple. To be honest, that's all I can really say to describe how this pic looks to me lol. Really, I think it's easy on the eyes. O_o Your cartoon-ish style of art is amazing. I like this! ^^

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